About Pet Lovers Centre

Established back in 1973, Pet Lovers Centre is the largest pet care retail chain in Southeast Asia that carries products for all kinds of pets from dogs to even reptiles. Their commitment to offering pet parents the solution to all their concerns has garnered them extremely high popularity across all their 65 outlets in Singapore.

The only thing missing was their online presence, and that was when Traffic Bees stepped in to make a difference.

Case Study

Objective: PLC was looking to increase sales via their online website by first, increasing traffic to their site. This meant that our main tasks were technical and on page SEO.

What Did We Do?
  • Intensive keyword research to ensure that products were categorised accurately
  • Proper structuring of categories

✓ Increased traffic to the website by 3,000 new users for the first 3 months
✓ Improved local Alexa ranking by close to 300 and global Alexa ranking by more 8,000