About Fixwerks

Being a professional service provider, Fixwerks has gathered a team of highly skilled engineers who are able to offer quality home appliances repair services that will exceed anyone’s expectations. They strive to be a one-stop service provider for all households by continuing to be trustworthy, reliable, efficient and competent to live up to their many positive customer testimonials.

Case Study

Before we started on this project, Fixwerks was spending approximately S$2,000 per month on their ads, with their main channel for leads being Google Ads.

Objective: Their main priority was simply to generate more leads.

What Did We Do?
  • Planned website structure based on keywords and services provided
  • Outreach to other blogs and websites to build backlink profile
  • Thoughtfully crafted blog content and detailed guides

✓ An average of 72 leads a month were generated through organic search