Our interns are never coffee fetchers.

Before getting you on board with our buzzing colony, we make sure your goals are aligned with ours. Our goal is to make sure when your internship comes to a close, you’ve got the skills you need to kick start a career as a fully equipped digital marketer.

Content Marketing Intern

Technical SEO Intern

Find a job at heart.

From day 1, our interns are treated as full-time team members. As a Traffic Bees Intern, you will receive a carefully thought out 2 weeks hands-on training across digital marketing or programming, depending on your internship role.

After that, you will support real client projects, developing the skills you need to kick-start your career in digital marketing or as a developer.

This paid internship is intended to prepare you for the skills you’ll need to succeed in entry-level opportunities at Traffic Bees and beyond.